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Administrative Team

Tom Coon

Vice President and Dean

Cynda Clary

Associate Dean - Ferguson College of Agriculture

Damona Doye

Associate Vice President - OSU Extension

Scott Senseman

Associate Vice President - OSU Ag Research

Steve Beck

Assistant Director - 4-H | OSU Extension

Robert Klein

Assistant Vice President | Sr. Financial Officer

Gina Peek

Assistant Director - Family & Consumer Sciences | OSU Extension

Randy Raper

Assistant Vice President, Facilities and Ag Research Assistant Director

Deborah VanOverbeke

Assistant Dean - Ferguson College of Agriculture

Academic Department Heads

Jim Ansley

Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management

Mari Chinn

Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

Richard Coffey

Department of Animal & Food Sciences

Cheryl DeVuyst

Department of Agricultural Economics

John Gustafson

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Karen Hickman

Director - Environmental Science Program

Karl Rich

Masters of International Ag Program

Justin Talley

Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology

Rob Terry

Department of Agricultural Education, Communications & Leadership

Wade Thomason

Department of Plant & Soil Sciences

Justin Quetone Moss

Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

Other Leadership

Randy Allen

Director – Institute for Agricultural Biosciences (Ardmore)

Claude Bess

District Extension Director - Southeast District

Edmond Bonjour

Director – Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program

Denise Brandon

Executive Assistant - OSU Agriculture

Jane Carpenter

Executive Associate - OSU Agriculture

Mari Chinn

Interim Director - Biobased Products and Energy Center

Cindy Conner

District Extension Director - West District

Roy Escoubas

Director - Food & Agricultural Products Center

Michelle German

Director - Sponsored Programs

Dwayne Hunter

Director - Information Technology

Nancy Johnson

District Extension Director - Northeast District

Chris Richards

Senior Director - Field & Research Service Unit

Latricia Snider

Director - Human Resources

Lyndall Stout

Director - Agricultural Communications Services

Justin Talley

Interim Director of Institute for Biosecurity & Microbial Forensics

Kevin Wagner

Director - Oklahoma Water Resource Center

David Warren

Senior Director - Integrated Digital Strategies

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