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Vice President & Dean's Office

Jayson Lusk

Vice President and Dean

Jane Carpenter

Executive Associate

Denise Brandon

Executive Administrative Associate


Damona Doye

Associate Vice President

Kerri Hoback

Executive Administrative Associate

Steve Beck

Assistant Director - 4-H

Gina Peek

Assistant Director - Family & Consumer Sciences

Jason Warren

Assistant Director & State Program Leader - Agriculture, Natural Resources & Community Economic Development

Deana Hildebrand

Community Health Program Leader

Claude Bess

District Extension Director - Southeast District

Cindy Conner

District Extension Director - West District

Nancy Johnson

District Extension Director - Northeast District

Ag Research

Scott Senseman

Associate Vice President

Randy Raper

Assistant Vice President - Facilities & Ag Research Assistant Director

Jennifer Catoe

Executive Administrative Associate

Ferguson College of Agriculture

Cynda Clary

Associate Dean

Danielle Bellmer

Assistant Dean

Megan Janus

Coordinator Academic Programs

Bri Cooper

Academic Programs Specialist


Academic Department Heads

Jim Ansley

Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management

Mari Chinn

Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

Richard Coffey

Department of Animal & Food Sciences

Cheryl DeVuyst

Department of Agricultural Economics

John Gustafson

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Karen Hickman

Director - Environmental Science Program

Justin Quetone Moss

Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

Karl Rich

Director - Master's in International Agriculture Program

Justin Talley

Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology

Rob Terry

Department of Agricultural Education, Communications & Leadership

Wade Thomason

Department of Plant & Soil Sciences

Centers & Institutes

Randy Allen

Director – Institute for Agricultural Biosciences (Ardmore)

Edmond Bonjour

Director – Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program

Mari Chinn

Interim Director - Biobased Products and Energy Center

Roy Escoubas

Director - Food & Agricultural Products Center

Kevin Wagner

Director - Oklahoma Water Resource Center

Service Units

Joe Diaz

Assistant Vice President - Senior Financial Officer

Dwayne Hunter

Director - Information Technology

Chris Richards

Senior Director - Field & Research Service Unit

Latricia Snider

Director - Human Resources

Lyndall Stout

Director - Office of Communications & Marketing

Justin Talley

Interim Director - Institute for Biosecurity & Microbial Forensics

David Warren

Senior Director - Integrated Digital Strategies


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